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When to Hire Carpet Cleaning

Cleaning your carpet carries more than just aesthetic benefits. Dust accumulation in carpets and rugs can impact allergies. Also, carpets retain numerous sources of indoor air pollutants, including pet dander, insect allergens, particle pollution and everyday dirt and dust. Microscopic dust mites or mold can also take up residence in your carpets without being visible. If you want to get down on your hands and knees with that lot, go right ahead. It’s far safer and more effective to get a professional carpet cleaning company to clean and sanitize your floor coverings.

Carpeting is one of your home’s most valuable and visible assets, so you want to select your cleaner carefully. When you hire a carpet cleaning service, ask exactly what is included in the quoted price. Will they move furniture for you? Will they clean high-traffic areas? Does it cost extra to clean stairs? You also want to be sure they screen their employees and conduct criminal background checks. Homeowners have several options when it comes to choosing the type of carpet cleaning method. Some cleaning services use a wet cleaning method, or steam cleaning, that has a significant drying time, while others are considered “dry” treatments, which you can walk on as soon as the cleaning is finished. Some treatments use powerful cleaning chemicals, while others rely on the power of steam or environmentally friendly cleaning products. You want to choose a company that offers the treatment method that works best for your home and family.

Lastly, ensure of the cleaners’ warranty and guarantee. When hiring someone to clean your carpets, make sure there is a guarantee. That way if something is not quite right, the service can come back and make it right. This guarantee ensures your peace of mind and less worry about the costs involved. On the other hand, carpet warranties may specify that the extraction method of cleaning needs to be used to keep the warranty valid. The schedule for deep cleaning the carpet is usually every 12 to 18 months. Checking your carpet manufacturer’s warranty for specifics is a good idea as the timeline may be different for the professional upkeep on different types and brands of carpet.

Add to the beauty of your home by keeping your carpets looking like new. A truly clean carpet contributes to health by making your indoor environment safer for you and your family. Professional carpet cleaners use their expertise and equipment to get your carpet as clean as it possibly can be and to keep it looking that way. With over 25 years of experience, Steam Carpet Cleaning Action is a name you can count on when it comes to carpet cleaning in Sacramento, CA and the surrounding areas. Call us at (916) 419-0881 for inquiries.